Sunday, 7 January 2018

Letter to my lover

I am shouting but all you hear is a meek voice
I weep all day but all you see is smiles
I walked a thousand miles and my feet are sore
but still you say my skin is oh so soft.

I am that book that you grabbed by the cover and took home
you didn't even bother to go beyond the acknowledgement
you're so caught up admiring my cover
all you dream of is becoming a lover

I implore you to get to my depths
to know what fuels my breaths
I challenge you to flip a few pages
To read between the lines and to strip a few layers
I beg you to liberate me from the cage of my own veneer.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

A mere thought..

Well Spaced words are needed to understand the sentence of life but sometimes the tornado of spaces sways the words away creating a hollow and then all that's left is a blank space which the loner hopes to fill with poetry. 

~~ A mere thought passing through a sleepless mind 

Friday, 16 September 2016



शब्द तो तन्हाई भी बोलती है ,
दिल की गहराइयों में एक घर है जो,
उसमे खामोश कविताएं रचती है 

जब घर भर जाए, कोई नज़र ना आए 
तब आँखों में  झलकती है 
ओठों पर वो सिसकती गिरती है 

उन ओठों से आज उसको पी ले तू 
प्यासी पंक्तियों का आज मेघ बन जा तू 
रूह पे आज सुकूं बन बरस जा तू 

तनहा दिल  की तन्हाई आज फना कर दे तू। 

Monday, 15 August 2016



Come, dress up the longing nude pages with poetry,
            Come , awaken the poet in me...
Come , give words to my silence,
            Come , order the chaotic mind...


Come to light in the dark of the night ,
           look into my soul through the windows of your eyes,
Come hold my hand,
          let's build heaven on earth
Come let's breathe love,
           come, let's live love..

Come , undress my soul,
            Come, be my ALL..

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Dear Me..

Dear Me,

You might have grown up in a house where love didn't mean anything, you might have been raised in a house you could not call home. You might have not known how it feels to have a hearty conversation with the people you call family when the clock in the dining room announced dinner. I know you were silently building a volcano of pain inside of you just so that you could fight against the eruption. You always thought that you were suffering your sentence but you had the hopes of a parole.

And it's only because of that little hope that today is not the same as yesterday , that you've broken down a lot many links in the chain that bound you. Even though you have some wounds from the struggle ,even though you have lost some parts of you in bits and pieces , I want you to know that you wouldn't have been the kind of lovely you, you are today , had the circumstances been any different.

And I also want you to know that tomorrow will not be the same as today , that the chain will be shorter , that the struggles will be lesser.
I want you to know that you will not always be as lonely as you are today, that you will get back some if not all of the lost parts of you,
I want you to know that the stars one night will see you with somebody you can call your everything.

Till then why don't you sleep through the nights with that dream in your eyes ?  

Sunday, 12 April 2015


How does one revel in the ashes when one's home has been consumed by the fire? Until now that's the question that had been plaguing her.. She has been desperately trying to build a home around her own self and her own dreams..She has been trying to restore her faith in herself..

Once upon a time....
 She had sown the seeds of friendship , nurtured them with so much of love and care that the roots spread to the depths of her heart as the saplings blossomed into something that she thought was the everlasting Amaranth.
Maybe it was the rose whose fragrance is intoxicating but beauty ephemeral ,
        It was the delicate rose that gets eroded by the slightest of winds

And now it's time to strike off the roots of a dead plant that penetrate the heart and make some space for the much longed Amaranth... 

She wants to move on , to believe that something more real and meaningful awaits her...
She wants to live and not just breathe...
She wants to have her faith in life restored ..

P.S: This post is written in a fit of mixed and conflicting emotions.

Monday, 23 March 2015

एक कीमती सा ख्वाब..

एक कीमती सा ख्वाब कोई टूटा जो है ,
 दिल के कतरे कतरे में दर्द ने डेरा बनाया हो जैसे
 जिन  अँखियों को  अब  सिर्फ अंधेरों  ने घेरा
 चढ़ते सूरज का दीदार क्या होगा उन्हें किसी सवेरा ?

एक कीमती सा ख्वाब कोई टूटा जो है ,
दूर तू बहुत दूर तो चला गया मुझसे
जुदा हो कर भी दिल से फिर जुड़ा सा क्यों है ?
एक कीमती सा ख्वाब टूटा जब है...

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The lost love...

On a weekend getaway,
On the coast of Bay of Bengal
You and I had met
That’s when ‘We’ had begun
to come under the love arrest

 And then.. the weekend
 put a period to the short trip,
 heralded a common chapter
 In the lives of the newly-formed ‘We’

Our fondness for travel,
Drove us to places,
Thrust us onto single sheet
& carved our footsteps
Onto numerous new streets

Hand in hand, arms in arms,
we walked , we slept,
together for miles and miles
Then how did I underestimate
The cause of a thousand smiles?

Oh baby,
you were quick to realize
that this was not the style
Of something deemed friendship

Indeed it was far more
A rare diamond in the store
Only I was too late to understand
That If I don’t take a stand
I’d let you become a distant star.

Now as your wedding,
Initiates a long new story,
Leaves me behind in the old pages,
I do hope that they not become yellow
I do hope that you revisit them from time to time
I only hope that you think of me sometime…