Wednesday, 31 October 2012

At the crack of dawn..

At the crack of dawn,
let every inch of this insomniac soul
Bathe in the light of enlightenment
The sun had risen long back,
Got this wanderer back on track.
Aye, the storms kissed goodbye,
Happiness now wide awake,
Oh... how pleasurably have their say:
“look at the rising sun,
told ya, now it’s my turn!”

P.S : Life is beautiful and very simple, if only,  you only think about what you want , be all blind to the face of adversities and deaf to the hard knocks,
if only, you can resist the usage of "WHAT IFs .." and "BUTs",  while penning down the mystic saga of your  life.. :) :)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Random thoughts..

Some words need no voice,
Some feelings novice,
From the dead they arise ,
The whole wide world set aside…
Life’s a place where just love resides.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

I don't know..

Sometimes there is no light to break up the dark. At a point, when everything is bleak, I sense that a streak of light is enough to see life, but in stark darkness we tend to lose sight of it, altogether. I close my eyes shut or walk with open eyes, it makes no difference for all I can see is darkness.

When you stop running for a moment to nourish your weary lungs with air, you realize what you’d lost all this while, you were running and that is happiness, that is life and when you realize this you don’t possess even a scrap of energy to continue this race anymore, for the flare of passion which had been fuelling your lungs till now, is extinguished by the sudden chills of this very realization.

Planned things never work out in my favor, just when I expect from myself to put in my best in the most important exam of  life, my expectations betray me. I’d happily fail a thousand times, if it were just an exam, but to my utter misfortune this is not my story. If failures were just one aspect of life,  I’d happily take it, but sadly it’s a lot more.  

Every morning I wake up with a vain hope of seeing the light of reason, but there’s no sun in my world, even the nights are moonless.

Even with the music on, all that I can experience is absolute reticence. Even with so many people around, loneliness is my only companion.

As though, every moment is dragging the course of this maze, like it were a crippled being, as though  life is going to go on and on, as if this mortal life suddenly decided to fancy the mould of eternity, just to see how long my patience can survive and like every other question, it has the same answer, "I don't know"..

Saturday, 13 October 2012


Sometimes or shall I say that most of the time, I am not privy to whatever it is that’s flowing within me. My thoughts are in complete mess and there’s so much vacillation as to whether my interest lay here or over there.

I fall for people I’ve not known for long very easily and the next moment I start hating myself for thinking about them, almost to the point of distraction, for caring about them with a passion so demented that no person on this entire earth , in full possession of his faculties would deem justifiable.

I have always dreamt of becoming a strong independent, successful woman in love with this wonderful thing called life and yet I feel like a blind girl stumbling in the dark, waiting for someone to lend me a stick at least , if the support of a hand is too much to ask for…

I have always wanted to believe that a girl doesn’t need a man to complete her and yet, most of the time , I like to go against my own tenets allowing myself to fall for that “someone”, I like for no reason at all, so blatantly.

I have always preferred books over humans, love in imagination, not in reality…but now I find myself caught in the tangles of an age where loneliness kills. I feel like a prisoner confined in the territory of my own longing waiting for destiny to launch my debut into the world of reality….just as I see it in the precincts of imagination.

Life is very uncertain, I hear people say and I have always loved it for the sheer improbability which is so typical of it but sometime I find myself gasping for air in the vacuum of an uncertain future.

I have always wanted to believe that I know myself and love myself for who I am, but sometimes when I look back, I find absolutely nothing that would make me believe in the beauty of my own reveries..

Sure, life is complicated for one simple reason that there’s a huge difference between what we think we want and what we actually want from our life and because of so many other complicated ones which always elude my mental faculties …