Friday, 8 June 2012


Pre-script : This poem is a prequel to the post I published last and was penned  by me one year back for my best friend, Bhavya.

It all started with the first day in college
Despite the jitters a gal brought solace
Her eyes glinting with excitement
Helped me break free of all the confinements.

The way her lips twitched with a smile
Her eyes pretty and juvenile
So deep as the ocean ,
And full of emotions
That at just one fleeting glance
I fell into this ever-lasting trance.

Days wore on,
And the diffidence was all gone
The seeds of a perpetual bond were sown
And something known as friendship was born.

But it seemed as though the saplings
Needed some more pampering
There might yet not tested
So how could they be accepted?

Storms and hurricanes came swirling around
Only to leave their bastion tumbling upside down.
 To see the rubbles whirling around the town,
And then posit them deep inside the ground.

When they were close to bringing home the bacon
To leave my soul drowned in desolation
It was the time when I surmised,
That she is an angel who will never leave my side.

Our friendship survived many such storms
And in the process got stronger and reformed.
With each tear, that I shed and she wiped
I didn’t realize but our friendship had revived.

Soon we'll  be tossing our graduation caps in the air
After that seeing each other will be a rare affair.
So, with just one year left
There is nothing I want to regret and repent.

Here is a little effort on my part
To show you your place inside my heart
I want you to know my dear friend
That I will love you till the end.

Love you,
forever and always.. :)