Sunday, 12 April 2015


How does one revel in the ashes when one's home has been consumed by the fire? Until now that's the question that had been plaguing her.. She has been desperately trying to build a home around her own self and her own dreams..She has been trying to restore her faith in herself..

Once upon a time....
 She had sown the seeds of friendship , nurtured them with so much of love and care that the roots spread to the depths of her heart as the saplings blossomed into something that she thought was the everlasting Amaranth.
Maybe it was the rose whose fragrance is intoxicating but beauty ephemeral ,
        It was the delicate rose that gets eroded by the slightest of winds

And now it's time to strike off the roots of a dead plant that penetrate the heart and make some space for the much longed Amaranth... 

She wants to move on , to believe that something more real and meaningful awaits her...
She wants to live and not just breathe...
She wants to have her faith in life restored ..

P.S: This post is written in a fit of mixed and conflicting emotions.


  1. Strong and heavy words puji..
    Some winds may blow the rose away n some may sow the seeds again, may b some other place..
    Believe in the winds of change..
    May u find strength n hope..

    Keep writing :)

    1. Thanks Dreaming Wanderer for inspiring me ever :-)

  2. Lovely writing but believing in yourself is the first step to take the world' head on', Puji!

    1. Thank you Rahul Sir. Yes , believing in oneself is very important. :-)

  3. Darkness gives way to the light.
    At the crack of dawn!
    eager to see your next post!! :)


  5. Replies
    1. Hi Dreaming Wanderer,

      Restoration is done. However , my new job does not allow me much time for writing. I shall get back to blogging soon :-)

      Hope you're doing good. Thanks for remembering me :-)

      P.S : what's your good name?