Friday, 9 March 2012



                                        Underneath the blanket of stars,
                           I would sleep with the door ajar.
                           You managed to peep in,
                           When the lights were dim.
                           And see just that one star,
                           Kindling in those dark eyes.
                           You claimed like you were that light,
                           Capable of dazzling the night.
                           You awakened the wistful dreams,
                           Craving for reality in a dejected life.
                           Love flowed like an unremitting stream,
                           Seeds blossomed into the Love amaranth,
                           But the heat of lust that served as a bee,
                           Drew on the nectar, left the heart barren.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


With mind as blank as this white paper
Have the emotions really tapered off???
Nothing to scribble down,
Not even the trash hanging around..

As if this is a blank canvas
And I am the artist
Facing the quandary
As to what shall I paint?

So many colors in my palette
I was never really short of  visions.
And still I am not.
What holds me back then??

So many words flowing within
But the tune is missing…
Oh..I am not certain…
How do I compose my song…

May be I have forgotten the art,
The effortless procedure of self indulgence..
But the beauty continues to haunt..
The feel of the pen still agitates..

Maybe the harmony connecting,
My thoughts and the pen is at rest
But hope is still a thing with wings.
That perches in the soul…
And sings in tune with the words…
And never ever fades away.

P.S : I won't really say that I am facing a writer's block for I am not really much of a writer, but I promise to post something better and more coherent next time..
 Saru ma'am I mulled over the answer to your question, and thence scribbled whatever I could manage to wheedle out of my brains...Thank you very much for taking note of my absence. :)