Saturday, 21 March 2015

The lost love...

On a weekend getaway,
On the coast of Bay of Bengal
You and I had met
That’s when ‘We’ had begun
to come under the love arrest

 And then.. the weekend
 put a period to the short trip,
 heralded a common chapter
 In the lives of the newly-formed ‘We’

Our fondness for travel,
Drove us to places,
Thrust us onto single sheet
& carved our footsteps
Onto numerous new streets

Hand in hand, arms in arms,
we walked , we slept,
together for miles and miles
Then how did I underestimate
The cause of a thousand smiles?

Oh baby,
you were quick to realize
that this was not the style
Of something deemed friendship

Indeed it was far more
A rare diamond in the store
Only I was too late to understand
That If I don’t take a stand
I’d let you become a distant star.

Now as your wedding,
Initiates a long new story,
Leaves me behind in the old pages,
I do hope that they not become yellow
I do hope that you revisit them from time to time
I only hope that you think of me sometime…


  1. Nicely rhymed, Puji! good to see you back!

    1. Hello Sir ,

      How have you been? Yes, I am back after a long time ..have almost forgotten writing..

  2. Very well written.. Loved this part.. Hand in hand, Arms in arms.. then how could I under estimate the cause of a thousand smiles..

    1. Thanks very much Dreaming Wanderer :-)

  3. Some memories are too strong to become yellow. I hope it will not fade away

    Nicely written. Good to see you after long time on this blog