Thursday, 31 May 2012

An eternal sisteromance (part 2)

I cried through the night
Cus’ I knew something wasn’t all right
Gazing at the starry blue skies,
I could see life, stretch in front of my eyes..

A person suffering her sentence,
Subsisted on the wavering surface of reticence.

Tried hard each day, to stand my ground,
But never walked back home, in not a thousand pieces..
I was inching apart from that thing called life,
When you became the part that brought a million smiles…

Like a flickering candle, on the verge of doom..
My life was stirring with a glut of gloom..
A person detesting shadows,
You were the bastion of radiance..

Like a crippled being seeking support.
I waited in earnest for the comfort of scaffold…
An angel full of light,
you held me upright..

Like a blind man plodding without a stick…
I awaited the final tick of the clock…
But you came into my life,
Gave me a new reason to survive..

I was destined to perish in lonesomeness
But you added a new episode to the banal plot,
altered the course of a life, on the brink of rot.

We walked hand in hand for such a long time
We sang the song of life in the same rhyme…
But I never realized, one day
Your hand will slip away…

I hold you so close to my heart,
Can’t tell you how, but there is none above you,
I was drawn to you from the start,
Only to see how we fall apart later?

I can’t believe that you are leaving me,
Because the love I had found
Was oh so very true..
And the only thing I didn’t regret, was you..

I cry through the night
Cus the next morning is a goodbye,
While the night is dark,
My hopes, still vivid.

Though, we are to take different routes
Dance to the tune of different beats…
One thing I know will stay the same forever..
Till the end,my friend,
our sisteromance shall live..

Te Amo..
Para siempre y siempre.. :)