Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Tossing and turning  , mucking around
Bubbling like a zealot but ready to burst aloud.
With this wrath heavy on every breath
All I could do is cry at a stretch.

Only the crippled knows how hard it’s to face
The fact that he isn’t fit enough to race.
The world is busy running the race of fame.
While the flames of  bigotry consume your frame.

There is no one you find near
And so you’re tempted to let it flow.
It’s getting tougher for you to bear
But you were hit way too harder by the blow.

If only someone would care
And love to share
Ohh...I would not feel so very ensnared.
But wait…!!
Do you really need someone?
A terse NO was all I could hear myself say.

Time to get up and walk again.
The lost fervour I have to regain..
So what , if the way is far away
I promise myself , I won’t run astray.

I will continue walking even if it rains.
For in the process of falling I want to attain.
This isn’t the time to feel low
For I am left with miles to go.

May god give everyone a chance to sow ,
The seeds of their growth..
Only to reap the fruits later,
With a breathtaking glow..

Sunday, 12 February 2012


The world of love she keeps in her eyes
Fetches the sun from the cloudy skies
Brightens dull lives with her “sunny” smiles.
Of all the world-weary souls I met,
None did I find so unreservedly munificent
Catering the world with her desi cuisines
Seldom forgets to pepper those insipid lives
By bouts of ceaseless chatters and narratives.

A  wanderer ambling the course of streets
A  romp fumbling every word sweet and bitter
Promises to unbolt new doors to solicitousness.
In the darkest of lanes she showers the brightest light.
All the seasons, summer, winter, autumn, spring
And the fall of her life, on the bumpiest of roads
Paces miles in the same old shoes and the “sunny” smile.

Now that the stroke of the departing hour draws closer
And I ponder the forenames of some unforgettable faces
In my mind I see myself rushing past the condominium
In the crowd, her countenance, so achingly familiar
An unforgettable face smiling into my eyes
Cuddled me tight, bade me goodbye
But left an indelible imprint on a level of granite…

A Confession

I don’t have a blow by blow recollection of the day I committed the sinful act of demeaning myself and deleting my blog, but yes it happened on one of those very frequent days when I had this fit of eccentricity, which is what I identify as one of my trademarks.

During the stint, I and my best friend were on one of our very common and usual charades, I kind of lost my nerve. Sat down to pour  my heart out on a lil piece of paper but couldn’t hold on to just one of those numerous thoughts parading my mind.  I lost my grip on the pen and  tossed it aside along with those maddening thoughts which possessed me like a demon and frightened me to death.  It is then that a person caught in the grip of emotions and passion decided to break free of that snare by strangling all the emotions of love and amiability that were ingrained inside of her heart.

Not only this, I thought that blogging is just not meant for me. During my very short time period in the blogosphere I came across so many creative people that this realization coupled with the  frustration of being incapable of coming out with something creative from what seemed like a very long time compelled me to surmise that I am not even a drop of the ocean of creativity flowing in here, it hit me like a thunderbolt. It ‘s like all the hell broke loose on me and took everything including my blog in its ugly claws,  just like the monster I often encounter in my dreams.

But I suppose this isn’t the way things are meant to end. I love my best friend more than anything/anyone else in this world and that shall be the reason, enough to forget everything that brought about this menace in the very first place. I didn’t even realize when we started talking to each other once again and everything that took a leave from my life along with her departure came back running to me along with her. Some relationships are very special, indeed.  Just a prick of mutual affection is what it takes to deflate the swollen pride and differences spreading their tentacles far and wide in any relationship . And that is exactly what we did. She visited me on the chocolate’s day with a Bournville  in hand and that small act of affection on her part had me all melted in a moment.

As per writing well is concerned, I understand that  it isn’t about  matching up to the level  of the ones  whose writing you think highly of, but  about  basking in the feeling  of joy and satisfaction that comes to you when you write your heart out. I started writing in the first place because it made me happy, but then ran astray I suppose, which is what I won’t let happen to me now. :)

P.S:  Any suggestions from the beautiful denizens of this world that could help me hone my writing skills are more than welcome. :)
P.P.S :  A mere thanks can’t express the overwhelming feeling of gratitude I hold , for your undying support  and friendship throughout  the rise and  fall of my life, Bhavya. I love you, Forever and Always...  :)