Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Tossing and turning  , mucking around
Bubbling like a zealot but ready to burst aloud.
With this wrath heavy on every breath
All I could do is cry at a stretch.

Only the crippled knows how hard it’s to face
The fact that he isn’t fit enough to race.
The world is busy running the race of fame.
While the flames of  bigotry consume your frame.

There is no one you find near
And so you’re tempted to let it flow.
It’s getting tougher for you to bear
But you were hit way too harder by the blow.

If only someone would care
And love to share
Ohh...I would not feel so very ensnared.
But wait…!!
Do you really need someone?
A terse NO was all I could hear myself say.

Time to get up and walk again.
The lost fervour I have to regain..
So what , if the way is far away
I promise myself , I won’t run astray.

I will continue walking even if it rains.
For in the process of falling I want to attain.
This isn’t the time to feel low
For I am left with miles to go.

May god give everyone a chance to sow ,
The seeds of their growth..
Only to reap the fruits later,
With a breathtaking glow..


  1. it has a zeal to itself and I appreciate that. quite a group of words emitting positive energy.

    on a dif note, i still believe human is a highly dependent race. what ever we do, how ever we do it; we look around, for support, for acknowledgement, for sharing, for a smile, for a touch, or just to remind us that we are not alone. the sad part is that at times trust is broken and we tend to thinkon whom shud i trust next? its ok. we cant have a perfect life. its ok to hold the hands of a stranger at times. you never know whats in store for you.

  2. The world is busy running the race of fame.
    While the flames of bigotry consume your frame.
    - loved these lines..
    so much power in ur words..
    ur awesum!!

  3. @sawan : I appreciate your thoughts..But sometimes, the circumstances are such that they favor and foster a human's tendency to seclusion.Under such circumstances our heart is quite inclined to armor itself from any sort of treachery.And I believe that the one who is really worthy of all those feelings of love and trust somehow manages to pierce that thick armor with their unwavering love, trust and affection.

    This poem was written in a fit of rage veering to disappointment and then finally to courage. Nevertheless, I realize late that there are people in my life, whom I can count on.. :)

    Thank you very much for dropping by.. :)

  4. @Dreaming wanderer: thankyou very much.. :)

  5. Hello Puji :)

    Your writing is wonderful with enjoyable rhymes! I especially loved the last three verses of this poem. The verse that Dreaming Wanderer quoted in his comment really caught my attention!

    It was such a pleasure for me to have you visit my blog. Thank you for your lovely words there. Your comment made my day and I'm very happy that we're connected here now. See you soon and have a nice weekend!

    Best Wishes,
    Fiona :-)

  6. @Princess Fiona : Thankyou very much..The pleasure is all mine..love your work..Thanks for following.. :)

  7. Beautiful work Puji...Loved these lines:
    "I will continue walking even if it rains.
    For in the process of falling I want to attain."

    Also I loved the way you used the word ash tray in the poem...:)

  8. Puji, your writing is just beautiful and this poem deserves to be read by many!I have been rewarded to read these lovely lines penned by you...Keep writing:)

  9. @Saru : Thankyou very much Saru :)

    @Rahul: Thankyou very much for your humble words. :)

  10. Hey, why haven't you posted from so many days?

  11. Hello Saru,
    I have answered you in my next post..Thank you very much for taking note of my absence..inspires me to carry on.. :)

  12. You should post more often and loved the recent poem...:)

  13. I will try to post more often from now on..Thank you very much Saru.. :)