Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Pre-script:  Here goes my first poem in Hindi.. :) :)

तू क्या जाने मेरी कहानी ,
    चादर ओढे लेटी  वो तन्हाई ,
गले लगाने को बेकरार हो जैसे ,
    झाँकती तो कभी पुकारती वो पल पल ,
कह रही हो जैसे आजा मिटा दे ये हलचल,
    मेरी बाहों के घेरे में सिमट के ,
सारे गमों का इज़हार आज तू खुल के कर दे ,
    और बह लेने दे ये मोती बेशुमआर,
छट जाये शायद तेरी कुछ उदासी ,

तू क्या जाने मेरी कहानी ,

    चादर ओढे लेटी  वो तन्हाई ,
तमाम हसरतों को उड़ान दे रही हो जैसे ,
    हज़ारों उल्झनों  के जवाब देती जा रही न जाने कैसे ,
तांकती झाँकती कह रही वो बार बार ,
   डूब के तो देख एक बार इस दरिया में ,  
तू पहुँच जायेगा हर मुश्किल के उस पार 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much green speck.god bless! :)

  2. Lovely lines, though I had a hard time reading it because of the size and color of font. I love your blog theme, but the black background makes reading quite difficult.

  3. Hi Damyanti,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating it. I have edited this post and increased the text size so that it is readable..I hope that it's clearly visible and readable now :)

  4. Beautiful expression. I loved this line, "और बह लेने दे ये मोती बेशुमआर" The use of word 'Moti' is superb here.

  5. loneliness sumtimes does solve many a problems n gives u d strength n d inspiration to fulfill d desires.. it doesnt seem like ur first hindi poem at all.. well done PUJI :)

    by d way, i hate d word recognition thing to post d comment,, dont get it right for many turns :(

    1. Thank you very much dreaming wanderer for appreciating it so much..

      even I don't like "captchas" employed by blogger for security purpose..Is there any way I can get rid of it?? be that as it may, atleast you're able to recognise the words, I am not even able able to do that.. not able to comment on so many blogposts because of this feature.. :(